Is it real? Capturing and Modifying Reality

With the help of simple 3D-sensors, modern GPUs and tailored algorithms it is nowadays possible to capture 3D-models from real environments in realtime. With such a realtime 3D-model at hand, we can modify what we perceive as reality as a next step. In this talk we present work on capturing static and dynamic 3D scenes, on facial video manipulation and on dynamic projection mapping. The shown work comes from collaborations of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, MPI Informatics, and Stanford University.

Marc Stamminger is a professor for Visual Computing at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. His research covers various areas of Visual Computing, such as rendering, 3D capturing, mixed reality, or medical visualization, with a focus on GPU-based interactive applications. He published a number of papers on these topics. Marc is spokesman of the research training group Heterogeneous Image Systems with 25 PhD students.


Monday, June 6






Session 1: Geometry, Enrico Gobbetti, CRS4, Italy

Adaptive Collision Culling for Large-Scale Simulations by a Parallel Sweep and Prune Algorithm

Gabriele Capannini, Thomas Larsson

External Facelist Calculation with Data-Parallel Primitives

Brenton Lessley, Roba Binyahib, Robert Maynard, Hank Childs

Parallel Spatial Splits in Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Valentin Fütterling, Carsten Lojewski, Franz-Josef Pfreundt, Achim Ebert


Coffee Break


Session 2: Distribution, Pascal Grosset, University of Utah, USA

Interacting with Large Distributed Datasets using Sketch

Mihai Budiu, Rebecca Isaacs, Derek Murray, Gordon Plotkin, Paul Barham, Samer Al-Kiswany, Yazan Boshmaf, Qingzhou Luo, Alexandr Andoni

High-Performance Mesh Partitioning and Ghost Cell Generation for Visualization Software

John Biddiscombe

Web-enabled server-based and distributed real-time Ray-Tracing

Georg Tamm, Philipp Slusallek




Reception for co-located EuroVis 2016 events

Tuesday, June 7




Session 3: Efficient Workflows, John Biddiscombe, CSCS, Switzerland

A Scalable Streamline Generation Algorithm Via Flux-Based Isocontour Extraction

Ayan Biswas, Richard Strelitz, Jonathan Woodring, Chun-Ming Chen, Han-Wei Shen

Dynamically Scheduled Region-Based Image Compositing

Pascal Grosset, Aaron Knoll, Charles Hansen

Dynamic Work Packages in Parallel Rendering

David Steiner, Enrique G. Paredes, Stefan Eilemann, Renato Pajarola

Visualization Showcase:

Data Mining Tornadogenesis Precursors

Greg Foss, Amy McGovern, Corey Potvin, Greg Abram, Anne Bowen, Neena Hulkoti, Arnav Kaul


Coffee Break


Keynote Lecture: Is it real? Capturing and Modifying Reality

(Marc Stamminger, Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)


Closing and Awards